Hartmut Honisch
Fri Dec 13 05:51:00 GMT 2002

> > However, we could of course just not support subauth on NT.
> Then we _could_
> > use the autoload stuff as it is now ...
> ...that sounds like the best approach to begin with.  For gods sake
> we have create_token which works on NT4.  The additional advantage
> of getting a fine logon session id would then require 2K or XP...
> which isn't too bad.

> If we require that stuff to work on NT4 from the beginning I fear we
> will get stuck in all the workaround and licensing hogwash.

It really wouldn't be a great effort to add NT4 support. I have a working
implementation of DLL that exports all the Lsa functions we need, and it
works on NT/2k/XP. And to work around the licensing problem, we could
distribute the sources _without_ the lib files from the DDK, plus DLL in
binary form. Even though the DDK license may prohibit the distribution of
its own files, it won't disallow the distribution of DLLs built with it.

And if a developer really wants to rebuild the dll, he'll have to download
the DDK from Microsoft to obtain the missing lib files.



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