quandary with pthreads

Thomas Pfaff tpfaff@gmx.net
Wed Dec 11 01:21:00 GMT 2002


thank you that you are willing to add my patches.

FYI, the logic of the mutex stuff is running in pthreads-win32 about 1 1/2
years now unchanged (guess who has contributed).

I will try to add some of the testcases from pthreads-win32.

I still see some problems with WIN95 since it lacks support for
InterlockedCompareExchange which is required in pthread_mutex_trylock
(and the fact that InterlockedIncrement and Decrement return only 0,
positive or negative instead of the real counter value).

I have created assembler versions for the Interlocked functions that work
fine unless they are made inline (see attachment). Maybe someone with a
better understanding of gcc inline assembler might have a look at it).

Nevertheless adding these functions will drop support for the good old


On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, Robert Collins wrote:

> I *really* want to get Thomas's contribution properly reviewed in time
> for 1.3.18.
> Unfortunately my cygwin development machine's hard drive is failing, and
> it will be off the air for ~ 1 week.
> So, I'd like to suggest the following:
> Thomas..
> If you can write test cases for all the new capabilities you introduce -
> see the ones I added based on your previous work, and the README in the
> test-suite dir.
> Then I will be happy to have your changes committed if the test suite
> shows no pthreads regressions on a win9x machine, and on an NT kernel
> based machine.
> Best I can offer right now, sorry.
> Rob
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