Pierre A. Humblet
Mon Dec 9 13:37:00 GMT 2002

Hartmut Honisch wrote:

> I've mainly been testing with ssh and public key authentication. The sshd is
> installed as Windows service, running under the LocalSystem account. When I
> use an ssh client (and public key authentication) to connect to the sshd as
> "MyUser", the session should run in the security context "MyUser". Howerver,
> all calls to Windows' GetUserName() or similar functions always return the
> LocalSystem account. 

Correct, Windows has this very annoying feature where you can't find your own
name when you are impersonated. However Cygwin goes to great lengths to set 
USERNAME correctly.

> Therefore, I effectively have the permissons of
> LocalSystem when accessing secured objects on the target system. This is no
> good.

Don't worry, the access token only has your groups and privileges.
Besides the incorrect name, is there any indication that you have gained
any unusual powers? 


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