Global write privs for Robert Collins

Robert Collins
Wed Apr 24 17:16:00 GMT 2002

cgf said:
> I'm pleased to announce that, after consultation with 
> Corinna, we've decided to extend the offer of global write 
> privileges in the cygwin tree to Robert Collins.
> What does this mean?  Well, it's an amazingly exciting 
> promotion. Basically it means that he doesn't have to ask for 
> permission to check things in.

Thank you ... this is quite an honour.
Larry said:
> Congrats Rob! :-)


Earnie said:
> So does this mean Robert has worked himself into a paycheck 
> from Redhat? ;^o

That's a good idea... hey Chris! :}.


Chuck said:
> "Oh crap, Robert went and 
> (accidentally?) checked something in outside of cinstall again"

Lol. still chuckling 5 minutes later. No - I don't play those games.

> or maybe even
> "Oh crap, cgf's got his knickers in a twist over Robert's 
> instructions to me to 'check this in' ": 

> Or am I just being WAY oversensitive, and this truly is a bonafide 
> "promotion"....

Very much so. Unless this is a huge prank (:}) Chris is absolutely


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