Setup testing

Christopher Faylor
Wed Oct 31 15:58:00 GMT 2001

On Thu, Nov 01, 2001 at 10:54:47AM +1100, Robert Collins wrote:
>On Thu, 2001-11-01 at 10:49, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> Modifying the snapshot page to include setup.exe is also another
>> challenge.
>> I could put a link on the main page, if that is interesting.  I would
>> rather not be responsible for setup.exe snapshots, though.
>Could you enlarge on what you mean by a link on the main page?

Like a "download setup.exe snapshot now!" link.

>I'm not keen on making this high profile, otherwise, like with the early
>days of snapshots, we may get lots of folk whining about it..

In that case we probably don't want it on the main page.

>Is there some way I can setup a cron job to build and add a snapshot on
>sources? Or is manual anyway ( in which case I can do the whole thing ).

I currently build the snapshots on my home system and copy them to  I don't have a cron job set up yet since there
are some ssh key issues that I need to work out.  I just do it when I
think of it.  We used to use DJ's systems to do this and he did have a
cron job which produced the snapshots.  I changed this a while ago since
I thought it was important that the snapshots be made using the same
mechanism as the releases.

As long as you have the appropriate key, you should be able to copy
things to  There aren't any cygwin cross tools on
that machine (and it is rather swamped anyway) so you couldn't do this
on itself.

Would just having a page with various, dated, versions of setup.exe
be enough:



Hmm.  Could we get setup.exe to install these, maybe?


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