setup.exe command line options

Christopher Faylor
Wed Oct 31 13:57:00 GMT 2001

On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 09:12:45PM -0000, Keith Starsmeare wrote:
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>Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 9:40 AM
>Subject: RE: setup.exe command line options
>> On Wed, 2001-10-31 at 19:30, Keith Starsmeare wrote:
>> > The arguments are passed in as one string, can I use getopt to process a
>> > string; I imagined I that getopt worked with an array of strings i.e.
>> > *argv[]?
>> Fixed. I realised this just after mailing my comment :}. Update your CVS
>> repository.
>Excellent. Thanks.

I'd appreciate it if the current argv code was reverted ASAP.  We can't
use the cygwin argv stuff in setup.exe.

I notice that mingw has something called __argv.  I wonder if that
contains what I think it does.

MSVC also has some sort of argv parser.  I thought that it might be in
msvcrt.dll but I don't know for sure.


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