realpath - FIXME

Earnie Boyd
Mon Oct 29 08:52:00 GMT 2001

extern "C" char *
realpath (const char *path, char *resolved)
  int err;

  path_conv real_path (path, PC_SYM_FOLLOW | PC_FULL);

  if (real_path.error)
    err = real_path.error;
      err = mount_table->conv_to_posix_path (real_path.get_win32 (),
resolved, 0);
      if (err == 0)
        return resolved;

  /* FIXME: on error, we are supposed to put the name of the path
     component which could not be resolved into RESOLVED.  */
  resolved[0] = '\0';

  set_errno (err);
  return NULL;


     On successful completion, realpath() returns a pointer to the
resolved name. Otherwise, realpath() returns a null pointer and sets
errno to indicate
     the error, and the contents of the buffer pointed to by
resolved_name are undefined. 

Why the FIXME?


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