setup.exe stalled?

Charles Wilson
Thu Oct 25 23:56:00 GMT 2001

Okay, I noticed two weird things:

1) somethings flaky with the parser.  libncurses5 (for instance) shows up 
in a category called "Base Libs" --- and does not show up in the "Base" or 
"Libs" category.

2) There's no radio button for "Prev".  We got three labels (Prev, Curr, 
Exp) but only two radio buttons.

Other than that it seem to work okay.


Christopher Faylor wrote:

> I think that I have a functional version of setup.ini on
>  The next step is for people to do verification on
> setup.exe to see that it works as expected.
> Is anyone interested in doing this?  As I mentioned previously, I know of
> one problem with setup.exe that is my problem but it is also in the branch
> version so I don't think it is a big deal.  It should not impact any
> testing.
> I'd like to eventually be in the position where we stop promising that this
> version of setup will do great things and actually unleash it on the world.
> Does anyone think that it is ready for that?
> Should I just release it as is?  That would imply that someone is
> willing to field all of the questions that will eventually pop up about
> this new version.
> cgf

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