Need name and functionality suggestions for a new utility

egor duda
Wed Oct 24 07:11:00 GMT 2001


Wednesday, 24 October, 2001 Earnie Boyd wrote:

>> Wednesday, 24 October, 2001 Earnie Boyd wrote:
>> EB> Ok, for item 1 you simply
>> EB> * mkdir /dll-1.3.3
>> EB> * mkdir /dll-test
>> EB> * move /bin/cygwin1.dll to /dll-1.3.3
>> EB> * install your test cygwin1.dll to /dll-test
>> EB> * cp /etc/profile /etc/profile-rls
>> EB> * cp /etc/profile /etc/profile-test
>> EB> * add the /dll-1.3.3 to the PATH settings in the /etc/profile-rls.
>> EB> * add the /dll-test to the PATH settings in the /etc/profile-test.
>> EB> * cp /cygwin.bat /cygwin-rls.bat
>> EB> * cp /cygwin.bat /cygwin-test.bat
>> EB> * add a copy of /etc/profile-rls to /etc/profile in the cygwin-rls.bat
>> EB> * add a copy of /etc/profile-test to /etc/profile in the cygwin-test.bat
>> EB> * issue - executing cygwin binaries outside of a Cygwin enabled shell.
>> EB> * resolution - set the PATH manually before executing binaries.
>> EB> This gives the isolation you need for the current releases of Cygwin
>> EB> without fancy manipulations.
>> EB> Given the simplicity of the isolation above, are differing mount tables
>> EB> necessary?
>> 1. somebody may want to have, say, /usr/include different across
>> his cygwin "environments" or "profiles".

EB> Ok

EB> * mv /usr/include /usr/include-rls
EB> * install your test versions to /usr/include-test
EB> * ln -s /usr/include-rls /usr/include (or create a mount entry).
EB> * modify your cygwin-rls.bat and cygwin-test.bat files to do the proper
EB> forced symlink (or forced mount entry).

but i want to use these environments (gasp) simultaneously! Ain't it
a multitasking OS?

>> 2. changing $PATH is not enough. for example, system() calls /bin/sh,
>> and doesn't perform $PATH lookup.

EB> That's fine, in the scenario I described above the part that changed was
EB> the cygwin1.dll not the sh.exe binary.  I just don't get why anything
EB> else is necessary to isolate a test version of cygwin1.dll.

the problem is not with test versions, but with separate environments.
changing $PATH works as long as programs are called without full path.
and calling application using full path is rather common practice,
isn't it? :)

EB> If a differing mount table is desired, and I do see potential PRO's for
EB> such a thing then a CYGWIN option "mountkey=foo" should be added and a
EB> tool "cygremount" that copies the "mount v2" keys to a user specified
EB> value be given.


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