Need name and functionality suggestions for a new utility

Earnie Boyd
Wed Oct 24 05:10:00 GMT 2001

Let's see if I understand the scenario correctly.

1) you want one set of executables which is shared between two isolated
instances of cygwin1.dll.
2) you need differing mount tables.

Ok, for item 1 you simply

* mkdir /dll-1.3.3
* mkdir /dll-test
* move /bin/cygwin1.dll to /dll-1.3.3
* install your test cygwin1.dll to /dll-test
* cp /etc/profile /etc/profile-rls
* cp /etc/profile /etc/profile-test
* add the /dll-1.3.3 to the PATH settings in the /etc/profile-rls.
* add the /dll-test to the PATH settings in the /etc/profile-test.
* cp /cygwin.bat /cygwin-rls.bat
* cp /cygwin.bat /cygwin-test.bat
* add a copy of /etc/profile-rls to /etc/profile in the cygwin-rls.bat
* add a copy of /etc/profile-test to /etc/profile in the cygwin-test.bat
* issue - executing cygwin binaries outside of a Cygwin enabled shell.
* resolution - set the PATH manually before executing binaries.

This gives the isolation you need for the current releases of Cygwin
without fancy manipulations.

Given the simplicity of the isolation above, are differing mount tables

Am I off base here?  Am I misunderstanding what needs to happen?


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