Need name and functionality suggestions for a new utility

Christopher Faylor
Tue Oct 23 21:50:00 GMT 2001

We (Red Hat) are doing internal testing for a new GNUpro cygwin release
and one of the people doing the testing was complaining that he didn't
like the fact that he had to wipe out his cygwin net installation to do

So, we eventually came up with the idea of something like a 'chroot'
utility where you could say something like:

cygisolate MyOwnCywin bash

and that bash and all of its children would use MyOwnCygwin as the
registry key rather than "Cygwin".

This would mean that you could have an isolated set of mounts which
would not be touched by something not in the cygisolate "tree".

The concept is similar to chroot.  It is so similar that I'm tempted
to just add a switch to chroot to handle this but I hate hacking up
existing utilities for Cygwin's purposes.

So, I've got everything written to accomodate this usage but I'm stuck
on a name.  I don't like cygisolate but I can't think of anything else.

Does anyone have an idea for a name?  Or even an idea for more
functionality for this utility?  Now that I think of it, this utility
should also change the shared memory id so that there are no conflicts
between this cygwin and another running instance.

cygjail maybe?


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