close to 1.3.4

Christopher Faylor
Fri Oct 5 07:35:00 GMT 2001

On Fri, Oct 05, 2001 at 10:37:11AM -0400, Norman Vine wrote:
>Christopher Faylor writes:
>>I'm a little reluctant to release 1.3.4 without Corinna's stabilizing
>>presence but if no one has any objections, I'll probably do this in
>>the next couple of days.
>I am experiencing failures with
>make check in winsup/testsuite 
>in this mornings CVS files in the following tests
>systemcall.exe - can not reference memory
>execlp01.exe   - hangs
>Am I the only one seeing this ?

Recent changes in cygwin's cygheap seem to require that you copy
new-cygwin1.dll to /bin/cygwin1.dll for things to operate correctly.

I'm not sure exactly how to fix this but I've been running the test
suite a lot in the last few days and have noticed that this is necessary.


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