CVS branches RFC

Robert Collins
Wed Oct 3 15:08:00 GMT 2001

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Subject: Re: CVS branches RFC

> Robert Collins wrote:
> >
> > * cvsmerge grabs the most recent changes from a parent branch and
> > applies them to the branch of the current working dir.
> And this is used for what purpose?  Would it be something like: two
> developers working the same branch synchronizing their changes?

No, CVS does that when you commit and update within a single branch.

Consider this:

I find a pthreads bug, and fix it. As it's a production bug the fix goes
into HEAD. I can
a) reapply the fix to cygwin_daemon, or
b) use cvsmerge to get the changes made to HEAD applied to
cygwin_daemon, which will include that fix.

If Chris fixes something, b) is the _only_ way I'll get the fix

cvsmerge grabs _all_ the changes to the parent branch and applies them.

If there are conflicts you get a log to examine and an instruction to
correct the warnings before exiting the sub-shell that has been invoked.

It's only not appropriate to merge these changes down if you are forking
the development - which we are not. Therefore we want all the HEAD fixes
and improvements in any development branches.


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