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egor duda
Tue Oct 2 05:19:00 GMT 2001


Tuesday, 02 October, 2001 Robert Collins wrote:

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>> what i definitely _can_ write is a testsuite TODO :) i have some ideas
>> to make testsuite more useful (this includes [better] w9x support,
>> testing for memory leaks, some kind of benchmarking etc.)

RC> Can you give me some insight into how you see the daemon (assuming there
RC> will be one at some point) being tested within the suite framework?

actually, we're testing _API_. testsuite doesn't care about details of
implementation (well, almost), and from its point of view it doesn't
matter if API is implemented via daemon or not.

RC> I.e. does the daemon get started via servicemanager/via make check
RC> command/how does setting the correct daemon use get done?

the only issue is environment initialization/startup. currently,
suitable environment for testsuite programs is created by setting PATH
to make new dll be in it, and starting test programs with
CYGWIN_TESTING=1 to make sure different versions of dll won't
interfere. with daemon, i think it'd be enough for the first time to
ask user to start test version of daemon manually (if make is run from
non-admin account).

RC> This isn't an issue today, but...

will see. i'm currently far more concerned about w9x (almost all bugs
in 1.3.3 was w9x-only). and since most of us in this list for some
unknown reason :) prefer to use nt/2000, w9x gets much less testing.

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