release announcement for setup.exe?

Brian Keener
Mon May 28 14:53:00 GMT 2001

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> >the file iniparse.h wouldn't happen to ring a bell would it.  I updated from 
> >cvs and now when I try to compile setup - the make is complaining about no such 
> >file or directory on iniparse.h.  This header is actually being referenced by 
> >inilex.l and iniparse.y.  I don't seem to have a copy of it in my source.
> >
> >Got any ideas?
> Look at the setup.exe Makefile.
Yes I think that is where it might be - the change you submitted was as follows:

-iniparse.c iniparse.h : iniparse.y
-      bison -d -o iniparse.c $(srcdir)/iniparse.y iniparse.h : iniparse.y
+      bison -d -o $(srcdir)/iniparse.y

and I am still testing this theory but it appears the header file being built in my 
build directory is now called instead of iniparse.h like it 
apparently used to be.  If I'm right I'm not sure how it should be fixed other than 
changing the two references of iniparse.h in inilex.l and iniparse.y to be 
references to  Is this bison that is causing this or is it deeper in 
the compile that just the Makefile.



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