Setup version in setup.log

Michael A. Chase
Sun May 27 23:44:00 GMT 2001

It would make it easier to track some of the problems with setup.exe if it
wrote it's version as part of the startup message in setup.log.  Tonight I
discovered the opengl libraries in c:\cygwin\usr\lib\; I think I was using
setup.exe before 2.55 when I installed opengl, but I am not really sure.

I still haven't shaken my company's disclaimer loose, but this patch is only
three lines, so hopefully you can accept it without the disclaimer.
Mac :})
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2001-05-27  Michael Chase

    * (WinMain): Add setup version to starting setup.log entry


$ diff -u -p old/ new/
--- old/ Wed Sep  6 20:09:30 2000
+++ new/ Sun May 27 23:30:22 2001
@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ static char *cvsid = "\n%%% $Id:
 #include "find.h"
 #include "mount.h"
 #include "log.h"
+#include "version.h"

 #include "port.h"

@@ -57,7 +58,8 @@ WinMain (HINSTANCE h,

   next_dialog = IDD_SPLASH;

-  log (LOG_TIMESTAMP, "Starting cygwin install");
+  log (LOG_TIMESTAMP, "Starting cygwin install version %s",
+    version[0] ? version : "[unknown]");

   char cwd[_MAX_PATH];
   GetCurrentDirectory (sizeof (cwd), cwd);

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