release announcement for setup.exe?

Brian Keener
Sun May 27 13:02:00 GMT 2001

The Package selection window has been enhanced in this version such that when 
Download From Internet is selected - files which do not exist already are 
selected and displayed for download in Partial display mode.  In Full Display 
mode all packages are displayed as normal and only their status is affected.  
Also when installing from Local Directory only the packages which are available 
on disk and need updating are displayed in the selection window during a 
partial display and in the Full display only those available on disk are 
displayed.  In general the Package selection window has expanded decision 
criteria for displaying a package in the selection list including such things 
as file existence/non-existence, selected installation method and which version 
(Prev, Curr, or Test) is selected.

This new version now supports the redownload or reinstallation of the current 
version simply by selecting that option from the file selection window and also 
provides the option to just download/install the source for a given package 
without having to redownload/reinstall the binary version of the package.

The current version now includes a progress meter during file downloads which 
tracks the progress of the current downloading file as well as the total 
progress within all files selected to download. There is also a meter 
indicating fullness of the disk.  The setup.log.full output has  been revised 
with a few format changes for improved readability.

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