Bye bye //c?

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
Thu May 24 07:58:00 GMT 2001

At 03:59 PM 5/23/2001, you wrote:
>I am thinking of taking the drastic step of getting rid of //c?

Yipee! :-)

>Any comments on this?  Should we just make it configurable with
>a cygwin option:
>set cygwin=deprecated_drive_access

Nah.  As long as we're going to get rid of this, which we've said we're 
going to for years, there's no advantage to this alternative.  It only
perpetuates an existing problem and it is no more intuitive to the 
unsuspecting user than the alternative (i.e. the /cygdrive/<drive>) syntax.
As long as we have to field questions on the list about this, I'd rather the
response be to "move forward" with /cygdrive/<drive> rather than optionally
"stay in the past" with the new CYGWIN setting.  This issue of list traffic
on this subject is "easily" handled by an FAQ entry and a new spear catcher.

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