setup.exe 2.53 with bzip2 files

Michael A. Chase
Fri May 18 08:28:00 GMT 2001

I converted a copy of my local module archive from .gz to .bz2 and ran a
complete reinstall.  I am still comparing the installed files to confirm
none changed, but most file dates, times, and sizes appear to match.  In the
cases where they don't, it appears to be a result of changes to the
previously existing tree made over time.

I ran a Google search with Cygwin+setup+bzip2 to see if I could find anyone
maintaining a mirror site with bzip2ed files.  I didn't find any, so I
couldn't test downloading and installing bzip2 files in one step.

File downloading and installing with .gz files works fine and local installs
using .bz2 files also works.
Mac :})
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