proposed spear catchers

David Starks-Browning
Fri May 18 07:49:00 GMT 2001

On Friday 18 May 01, DJ Delorie writes:
> > Sure, why not.  This one's easy.  Can anyone say "Read the FAQ"? ;-)
> On the DJGPP list, the person who wrote the FAQ (Eli) happens to be
> very active in the group.  Everyone else *knows* that if the answer is
> in the FAQ, Eli will post the section number, so we all know to wait
> for him to do it.  Having one person on the Cygwin list whose job it
> is to post "Please see FAQ section 4.6" for questions answered in the
> FAQ might make everyone else's job easier, and the mailing list less
> confusing.

That would be me.

I don't mind doing this.  At least, we can try it this way for a

I don't normally bother, because I anticipate being the 3rd or 4th
person to make such a response.

In the past, I've had a lot of trouble keeping up with the list.  But
since volume has come down somewhat, I think I can keep up with the

Hope this helps.


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