proposed spear catchers

Earnie Boyd
Thu May 17 04:49:00 GMT 2001

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> setup questions                 Larry, Brian?
>   i.e., missing package, incorrectly installed package, etc.
> w32api questions                Earnie?
I take this and the MinGW questions.

> threading questions             Robert?
> ssh questions                   Corinna, ?
> signal questions                Chris
> tty/pty questions               Egor?,Chris
> binmode/textmode                Earnie?, Larry?
I can take this.  Not too many any more.

> licensing questions             Chris
> general bugs in cygwin DLL      Chris, Corinna
> How does this sound?  I'm not trying to volunteer anyone but I
> chose what I thought were logical people based on previous responses.
> I am sure that there are more categories and that this will eventually
> fall apart as people come and go but I'd like to take a first stab
> at this.
> cgf


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