What tab spacing is everyone using for changes

Brian Keener bkeener@thesoftwaresource.com
Thu May 17 04:38:00 GMT 2001

I realize this is not really a question for this group, but then it is 
too and I ask since it would be nice if we all used the same tab spacing 
as far as number spaces and when to tab.  I thought my tab scheme was 
right on it but it appears some of the code in the setup programs 
(whether its because of me or what I don't know) have gotten  real out of 
whack on spacing.  The last update I left mine where it was readable and 
now I have a fix for the Redownload/Sources Only problem but I have all 
this extra code that it different :-( simply because of spacing.  Will 
like to get it fixed but want to use whatever everyone else is using or 
does cvs have its own.


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