I guess I'm giving up on the "experiment"

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) lhall@rfk.com
Wed May 16 11:49:00 GMT 2001

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> >At 07:05 PM 5/15/2001, you wrote:
> >>I'm going to go back to responding to email.  I'll be ramping up in the
> >>next few days but I hope that I will be able to curb my knee-jerk
> >>posting response and let other people fill the void or, ideally, let
> >>people figure things out for themselves.  There has been been some small
> >>evidence of that.
> >
> >Why are you stopping the "experiment" now?  Just curiuos.
>I have been feeling bad about not responding to people with valid
>concerns.  And, I felt the need to justify my response to the mount
>output question...
>I don't plan on being very prolific but do you think it is worth continuing?
>Maybe I just had a moment of weakness.

No, I have no problem with your reasoning for stopping the experiment.  
There have been times where I felt the need to restrain myself from 
responding as well.  And sometimes I felt bad about it too!  I also didn't 
have an issue with the reasonings for starting the experiment or in
participating in it.  In terms of whether I (personally) feel its worthwhile 
to continue or terminate it, its unclear.  How important is it that we reduce 
the traffic on the list?  Is it just an annoyance to those of us that monitor 
it or is it an issue for Red Hat as well?  Was the point of the experiment to 
measure how many newbies and the like would find answers on their own if 
need-be or was it to measure how many folks could be coaxed into not 
responding to email in an attempt to mitigate duplicate replies to the same 
question?  Or was there another cycle we were trying to break?  I guess I'm 
just not quite sure what the overall goal of the experiment was, so its hard 
for me to offer an opinion on whether its end is premature.  Regardless, I was 
happy to participate, considering that the ultimate goal was to make the list 
better for all (I think ;-) )!

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