secur32.dll not present on winnt 4.0 sp 5

egor duda
Mon May 14 06:43:00 GMT 2001


>>   there's no secur32.dll on my system. LsaDeregisterLogonProcess() can
>> be only found in 'ntoskrnl.exe'. so, Corinna's latest LSA code doesn't
> :-(((
> I have searched for more than an hour to get more information
> and it seems you're right. secur32.dll is only available on 9x and
> W2K. Interesting enough that Tivoli is using these Lsa functions
> as well even on NT4. There must be some other way to get function
> pointers to these functions.

this functions are not visible in user space.

nt uses LPC to communicate to special driver ksecdd.sys, iirc), and it
calls appropriate LSA functions.

> I just tried a test application which calls LoadLibrary("ntoskrnl.exe")
> and then GetProcAddress("LsaLogonUser") which succeeded on both,
> NT4 and W2K. Unfortunately, calling that function raises an access
> violation. Sure, but nevertheless bad luck.

been there, seen that. that's because ntoskrnl.exe is mapped to
kernel-space. my LSA efforts year ago stopped right at this point.
to call LSA functions on nt 4.0 you should either reverse-engineer LPC
interface to ksecdd.sys, or write your own kernel driver and implement
your own secure way to communicate with it. both ways is quite

> If somebody could give me a hint how to call the Lsa functions on
> NT4, I would be very glad.
>> work. i'm afraid that msdn is wrong stating that
>> LsaDeregisterLogonProcess requires NT 3.1 or later. freshly installed
>> visual C++ 6.0 sp 3 doesn't have secur32.lib
> Secur32.lib is part of the Platform SDK.
> Sigh. It seems as if I have to dump the subauth DLL and have to
> use NTCreateToken instead. This has the advantage that the 
> complete code could be part of cygwin1.dll instead of requiring
> another DLL in /WINNT/system32 but it requires the
> SE_CREATE_TOKEN permission. I have just checked that NtCreateToken
> is exported by NTDLL.DLL on NT4 and W2K, so at least that should
> be no problem...

for now, is it possible to conditionalize LSA stuff so that it has
been called only if secure32.dll is available?

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