Remaining bugs?

egor duda
Mon May 14 06:29:00 GMT 2001


Monday, 14 May, 2001 Christopher Faylor wrote:

CF> The one remaining bug that I know of is Matt Hargett's problem with
CF> scp hangin on Windows 95.

CF> As I have the same problem with 1.1.8, I don't think that this is a
CF> show stopper.

CF> It would be nice to know if anyone else can see the regression or offer
CF> any insight into why it is happening.  It seems to me like scp is
CF> missing some final handshake in its communication with the server since
CF> an sshd/scp on the server side is still sitting around while the process
CF> is hung on the Windows 95 side.  And, the process is waiting in a select
CF> on a socket.

CF> Other than this are there any other problems?

yes, i think.

due to autoload failure programs cannot change user context. i think
we should wait for Corinna to revert or update her LSA code.

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