storing symlink in extended attribute (on ntfs)

egor duda
Thu May 10 07:05:00 GMT 2001


Thursday, 10 May, 2001 Earnie Boyd wrote:

EB> egor duda wrote:
>>   i've modified cygwin slightly to store symlink value in shortcut's
>> extended attribute, and to try to get it from there. my (rough)
>> benchmarking shows 30%-50% speedup in symlink resolution code.
>> turn ntea "on" before running.

EB> If this is a requirement for your patch then it isn't a viable solution.

no, it's not requirement. i.e., it's possible to store symlinks in EA
but don't store file modes (which is currently ntea's effect).

actually, what's wrong with ntea? it creates huge undeletable file on
fat? i suppose to make my patch working only on ntfs partitions, so i
think we won't see eadata files again.

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