Don't think that Reinstall is working quite right.

Brian Keener
Wed May 9 21:03:00 GMT 2001

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> If I have two packages in my directory and choose "Install from Current
> Directory", shouldn't reinstall install the the existing one rather than
Reinstall - is supposed to install whichever is shown as current (ie on 
the left side of the choose screen.  Didn't do that huh, hmmm.  I only 
tried reinstall when the current version was the installed version and 
then I reinstalled.  I didn't try it with (I know - test all 
possibilities) the scenario where the installed version was the previous 
version and I had the current downloaded and then selected reinstall to 
reinstall the previous.

I'll have to take a look or if someone else wants a shot - have at it - I 
seem to screw up more than I fix trying to learn this stuff. :-(


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