egor duda
Sun May 6 05:25:00 GMT 2001


Sunday, 06 May, 2001 egor duda wrote:

>>> >> > >I notice that system_printf no longer writes to the console. Is
>>> >> > > there a replacement function that does?
>>> >> >
>>> >> > system_printf *does* write to the console.
>>> it prints to (GetStdHandle (STD_ERROR_HANDLE))
>>> this may be console, and may be not (is stderr is redirected).

RC>> Thanks for looking... I ran into this minor problem while debugging the
RC>> broadcast problem. I cannot explain _why_ its not always printing, just
RC>> that it isn't. ( I had unconditional system_printfs as part of the test
RC>> code).

RC>> I'll see if I can work up a reproducible test case.

ed> i suspect this can be symptom of tty output code. if some application
                                    ^ problem in

ed> runs with stderr directed to tty, GetStdHandle (STD_ERROR_HANDLE) is
ed> read end of pipe from slave to master. so, system_printf puts nessage
    ^^^^ write, not read

ed> into this pipe, but will it appear on console -- depends on correct
ed> master-slave communication. there's at least one known unsolved
ed> problem with that communication, which, afair lead to missing output
ed> from system_printf (see thread
ed> )
ed> please note, that attached patch is incorrect, and i still don't know
ed> a good way to work around it. of course, there may be other problems.

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