setup will have to wait :[

Robert Collins
Mon Mar 26 13:58:00 GMT 2001

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> On Mon, Mar 26, 2001 at 01:19:13PM -0600, Parker, Ron wrote:
> >> Right, so _how do we pass the fd_ to the child process? I'll look
> >> spawn and fork. Worst case though: fifos are cygwin only. Best case
> >> find some way of tricking the OS into loading up the cygwin code
> >> writing "through it". Hmm I wonder if an IFS could do this (How
> >> work did I think this was going to be ?!).
> >
> >An IFS could do it, but the last time I checked the API and
> >were under an NDA.
> What is an IFS, Ron?
> cgf

It's an Installable File System. The commercial NFS clients for win32
use IFS's to allow the NFS servers to appear on drive letters and via
UNC paths. The same goes for Novell. There are IFS's out there that can
make even map HTTP & FTP servers. The beauty is that to applications
they are just "files". Whatever happens behind the scenes is


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