counting down to 1.3.0

Christopher Faylor
Mon Mar 26 11:47:00 GMT 2001

On Mon, Mar 26, 2001 at 11:15:11AM -0800, Matt wrote:
>On Mon, 26 Mar 2001, Earnie Boyd wrote:
>>>Is there anything else outstanding that I should know about?  The only
>>>thing that I am not sure about is the CYGWIN=title problem.  Looking at
>>>the code, I don't see why it should be failing but I don't exactly know
>>>how it used to work, so maybe it has either been broken for a while or
>>>it is working as designed.
>>>Does anyone use this option?  Can anyone verify that it is either
>>>broken or working?
>>IIRC, you're problem was with W95 and also IIRC it always left the last
>>operation in the title when going to the command prompt.  It's been
>>more than two years since I last used Cygwin on W95.  I seem to recall
>>that the first occurrence of the window title changing was B19.  Is it
>>really worth an effort to change this?
>It still appears to be broken on my win98 machine.  It's only a minor
>annoyance, and shouldn't hold up a release in my opinion.  Perhaps it
>should be off by default if it doesn't work properly, since it probably
>just slows things down?
>My previous copy/paste message from before seemed to be ignored, and is
>really annoying in my opinion.  I tried to investigate this further,
>but couldn't really get anywhere using gdb.  Sorry I can't track things
>down further on this.  The original report is @

This is also something that you hve indicated has been broken since 1.1.6.

I didn't see that you debugged this.  It looks like attaching to the
hung process with gdb would be instructive.


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