setup will have to wait :[

Robert Collins
Sun Mar 25 14:08:00 GMT 2001

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Sent: Monday, March 26, 2001 8:06 AM
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> On Mon, Mar 26, 2001 at 07:57:59AM +1000, Robert Collins wrote:
> >> Cygwin doesn't implement named pipes.  Isn't a fifo == a named pipe
> >> anyway?
> >
> >Yes. I'm looking into the behaviour in more detail defore I cut code,
> >but yes. My planned implementation is a shared memory region that
> >the named pipes open on the system (maintained automagically via any
> >open cygwin process), a couple of waitable objects (probably 1
> >and 1 event) per open fifo, and finally a (pick a good buffer size)
> >shared memory region for doing the actual data transfer.
> How about just using actual pipes?  You could duplicate handles
> processes.
> I don't know if pipe semantics are the same as fifos but I suspect
> they are.
> cgf

Didn't you and Corinna have huge problems with pipes on win95? If so I'd
rather create a round wheel. Egor is suggesting the fifo's are many
writers to many readers, with no cohesion.. I don't think that's the
same as anonymous pipes...


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