setup will have to wait :[

Christopher Faylor
Sun Mar 25 13:52:00 GMT 2001

On Mon, Mar 26, 2001 at 07:46:35AM +1000, Robert Collins wrote:
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>From: "Egor Duda" <>
>Subject: Re: setup will have to wait :[
>> Hi!
>> Saturday, 24 March, 2001 Robert Collins
>> RC> 1. Do "non-unix" apps understand the concept of a FIFO file?
>> directly -- not, but they can possibly inherit, say, stdout handle
>> from parent cygwin process, and it can possibly be a handle of fifo.
>> For example, you run
>> "sh -c ./ >fifo-to-script-log-processor"
>> and '' contains non-cygwin apps
>Right, so _how do we pass the fd_ to the child process? I'll look into
>spawn and fork. Worst case though: fifos are cygwin only. Best case I
>find some way of tricking the OS into loading up the cygwin code and
>writing "through it". Hmm I wonder if an IFS could do this (How much
>work did I think this was going to be ?!).

They're inherited automatically.  The fd table is copied automatically.
Non-cygwin processes inherit the handles but they won't know what to do
with them since they don't understand cygwin fds.

>> RC> I know that cygwin already has named pipe support
>> ? what do you mean by this? do you mean native calls such as
>> CreateNamedPipe () etc. or something else?
>>From comments about sshd and cvs on 9x and the syncronisation problems -
>so I may be off base. I haven't checked the code. Implementing this via
>Named Pipes will be just as tricky as far as non-cygwin programs though
>won't it?.

You can't use named pipes.  You can't create them on Windows 95.

Cygwin doesn't implement named pipes.  Isn't a fifo == a named pipe


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