setup revisit

Robert Collins
Fri Mar 23 20:43:00 GMT 2001

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Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2001 2:25 PM
Subject: Re: setup revisit

> On Sat, Mar 24, 2001 at 02:19:32PM +1100, Robert Collins wrote:
> >
> >Oh. That wouldn't have affected what I was suggesting (the current
> >cygwin1.dll would be used unless an update was present - in which
> >it comes back to the current setup's behaviour.).
> And if the current cygwin1.dll is B20?  Do you want to rely on that?
> Or if it is a buggy snapshot?

"unless an update was present". Then it upgrades cygwin1.dll first - and
if it can't either gives the current cygwin1.dll upgrade failure "can't
open", or [insert desired message/action].

> >> >True.  I was hoping to put my nose down and hack all weekend, but
> >> >looks like rpm is *not* going to play nice so I'll give it a
> >> >lower priority for now.
> >>
> >> Don't let me discourage you though, Robert.  If you can get this
> >> it will be pretty cool.  Doesn't RPM have a library like interface,
> >too?
> >>
> >
> >I'm lookinginto that. The RPM issue I'm fighting with currently is
> >porting sleepycat's db to raw win32 as a static library. (It doesn't
> >build with gcc unless you build it for cygwin :[).
> >
> >Once that's out of the way I can actually try to build rpm natively.
> The last I remember, rpm needed chroot() to function.  That's why I
> asked Corinna to implement this in Cygwin.

Thanks... Sounds like I'll be ripping code from there for use...


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