setup revisit

DJ Delorie
Fri Mar 23 17:57:00 GMT 2001

> Thus I'm willing to try and build rpm into a library linked into
> setup.exe

That would be fine.  It's OK to have setup support other package
formats, as long as the user doesn't need to know that it's doing
that.  But even RPM has a master file similar to setup.ini.

> Ah. So if we use the same source, there's no issue.

Easier said than done.  One problem with the original setup is that
the tar and gzip (and cygwin) packages got updated occasionally, and
every time that happened, someone had to remember to rebuild setup.

> Sorry for my shorthand - "the link to" should be prefixed by "in a
> bootstrap environment ".

One problem with the original setup is that it didn't include the
source trees.  The developer had to have the binaries installed, and
the Makefile pulled them from your bin directory.  That made keeping
track of the right sources even harder.

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