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Robert Collins
Thu Mar 22 16:51:00 GMT 2001

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> Sent: Friday, March 23, 2001 11:39 AM
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> Subject: Re: setup wishes -- any volunteers
> >aren't accurate :]). It has _many_ existing retrieval tools & formats
> >(http/ftp/file system/nfs/even rsync I think) and a build 
> environment to
> >build the packages. (Oh, and a pretty wide volunteer 
> developer base for
> >the format, so no commercial realities should intrude :]) 
> [just ignoring
> >_my_ day job for a moment, which is not cygwin related...]
> Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where corporate 
> reality would
> intrude.  I really can't promote a debian based solution, 
> unfortunately.

I don't understand this (as both formats are GPL'd AFAIK) but I'm not in
the mood for bucking corporate reality just now... what RPM resources
are available at RedHat that might make my efforts on this easier?
(Read: I'm willing to try RPM, just not as enthusiastic).
> >> You'd have to build a non-cygwin version of rpm to handle 
> all of this.
> >> I don't know how feasible that would be.
> >
> >It's not RPM. It's not a religious preference, but IMO the 
> dpkg format
> >is much more flexible than rpm...
> It probably is.  I have no engineering preference either way but I do
> have a political preference.  People have actually asked me, from time
> to time, to implement a comple RPM based installation.  A lot of the
> packages are in RPM now both on and on the sourceforge site
> whose name escapes me.
> I really can't back a dpkg plan.  I am sorry that I didn't make this
> clear before.
Ok. Well I'll see what I can do with rpm. 


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