setup wishes -- any volunteers

Robert Collins
Thu Mar 22 15:20:00 GMT 2001

And after all that I forgot to put in when & where we start using it :] 

> target 1) setup.exe can read and install (possibly via 
> bootstrapping) a
> dpkg package.
> target 2) setup.exe can check dependecies on a dpkg package.
> target 3) "workstation" "developer" "server" "everything" 
> install sets.
> target 4) make it pretty *
> Rob
> * I don't care about this bit. It's not terribly important. 
> Ease of use
> & reliability are important.

Target 1 should be a drop in for the current setup - it'll still read
tarballs, it's just had a new format added.
For target 2 to be used, we will need to repackage the existing packages
with dependency information. After that it could be (should be) used .
For target 3 to be used, we will need no changes to existing packages.


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