setup wishes -- any volunteers

Brian Keener
Thu Mar 22 12:01:00 GMT 2001

First off to Ron - Congratulations. Happy Honeymoon

Second to everyone else  - anyone want to take the current setup.ini and 
try to categorize each package according to what Chris is trying to 
accomplish here.  I don't know if I have enough experience/knowledge to 
know which packages are dependent on which or for that matter what 
category each might fall into.  Obviously some I could figure out but it 
might be nice if we could get a list started of all the current packages 
and identify some common codes for dependencies and categories.

For example for categories we might have development, networking, shells, 
mail ...., Text editing.  

For dependencies I wonder do we want to try to group according to code or 
do we want to use a list of packages that must then in turn be parsed to 
determine the dependencies?  Point to ponder....

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> 1) Understand simple dependencies (relatively easy?):
>  If you download gcc, you need cygwin and w32api.
>  If you download bash, you need cygwin.
> 2) Have some way of viewing categories of files:
>  Source Code development:
>   gcc  The GNU Compiler Collection
>   binutils The Linker, Assembler and other tools
>   gdb  The GNU debugger
>  Shells
>   bash  The Bourne Again Shell
>   tcsh  The C Shell

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