setup wishes -- any volunteers

Christopher Faylor
Wed Mar 21 08:12:00 GMT 2001

It would be "real nice" (tm) if setup could be modified to do too things:

1) Understand simple dependencies (relatively easy?):

	If you download gcc, you need cygwin and w32api.
	If you download bash, you need cygwin.

2) Have some way of viewing categories of files:

	Source Code development:
		gcc		The GNU Compiler Collection
		binutils	The Linker, Assembler and other tools
		gdb		The GNU debugger

		bash		The Bourne Again Shell
		tcsh		The C Shell


I think that both of these would make setup.exe much more useful to the
first time installer.  Probably we could then stop the "download
everything" default that is going to become more unmanageable as the
distribution grows.

Any volunteers?  I'd love to do this myself but I really don't have the
time. (tm)  Or, hmm.  Maybe I don't understand the Windows API well enough
to do this?  (tm)


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