Outstanding issues with current DLL?

Egor Duda deo@LOGOS-M.RU
Mon Mar 19 10:48:00 GMT 2001


Monday, 19 March, 2001 Christopher Faylor cgf@redhat.com wrote:

>>EB> I just did a cvs update and a build, it's still hangin'.  I used the
>>EB> CTRL-D method and it hangs with that to.  Not every time, about one in
>>EB> ten.
>>  I can reproduce this, though it seems that it's not related to the
>>latest tty handling changes. At least i see this problem with 1.1.8
>>too.  When i press ctrl-d and rxvt freezes, the situation is following --
>>bash successfully exits, rxvt continue to poll master side of pty
>>and sees eof there, but doesn't take it into account. Quick look in
>>rxvt sources made me think that rxvt relies solely on SIGCHLD signal
>>from child process. It seems that in that one of ten times, when rxvt
>>freezes, it simply doesn't receive SIGCHLD, an continue waiting. Alas,
>>as most of races, i cannot reproduce this behavior under strace or

CF> I still can't reproduce this.  I'm running on a dual processor PII W2K
CF> system -- I think I have finally resolved my hardware problems on this
CF> system, hallelujah.

CF> Have you tried setting the strace buffer up to something huge:

CF> strace -oblah -b65535 rxvt

CF> ?  Sometimes this speeds things up enough to track down the problem.

CF> I assume that the SIGCHLD is getting delivered but it's blocked for
CF> some reason.  That is usually what causes this kind of symptom.
CF> If you can attach to a hung rxvt, could you look at myself->_sigtodo[SIGCHLD+3]?
If that has a >>0 number in it, then the signal is blocked.

bull's eye! it does contain 1.

I've also noticed that chance of freezing increases greatly if
you're   actively  move  mouse  pointer  over  rxvt's gui window while
pressing ctrl-d.

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