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>Thread state should not be copied since fork does not duplicate

I've gone and done my homework :]
"A process is created with a single thread. If a multi-threaded process
calls fork(), the new process contains a replica of the calling thread
and its entire address space, possibly including the states of mutexes
and other resources. Consequently, to avoid errors, the child process
may only execute async-signal safe operations until such time as one of
the exec functions is called. Fork handlers may be established by means
of the pthread_atfork() function in order to maintain application
invariants across fork() calls. "
So the current behaviour _is correct_. I'm not 100% sure we follow the
calling thread's state rather than the mainthreads state, but I'll look
into that. I'll look into an implementation of the pthread_atfork stuff
next weekend I think (hey may as well get on a roll with this stuff).

> Thanks, the opengroup specs don'y mention fork/thread interaction in
> thread call documentation - which is why I asked.

(but I found that they do under fork(). :])

> Does
> > linux duplicate every thread in a forked child?
> I'll go read.

No. See above.


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