setup.exe busted. Please fix?

Brian Keener
Thu Mar 15 13:04:00 GMT 2001

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> Yes, it's a convention and setup.ini will be a helper.

What got me in trouble I think is I modified setup to scan the directory 
as well for any files we might exist that are not in setup but match 
packages - partly in anticipation of one day being able to put files 
there that do not match packages and let setup find them and install them 
without modifying setup.ini.  This also accommodated where a previous 
file existed but setup did not reference a previous version.  I forgot to 
check if the files I was getting from the scan though were src tarballs 
or install tarballs - I hadn't ever downloaded any source I never picked 
up on the resulting confusion.

Thanks for the convention clarification.

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