Winsup tree, Configure and win95 - what are appropriate switches.

Brian Keener
Tue Mar 13 06:42:00 GMT 2001

Now that I have been configuring and reconfiguring and making and 
remaking on my Win95 laptop for the Winsup build tree I thought I would 
ask for some insight on what switches are/are not needed for a proper 
Win95 configuration.   I would originally from within my /usr/build 
directory simply enter the command /usr/src/configure and then when that 
finished do make.  In light of some other problems I have had and threads 
I had seen here I started thinking that wasn't right and tried some 
others.  I'm still not sure so thought I would ask so thought I would ask 
for some insight and thoughts.  I am really new to C++, Configure and 
make and I don't really understand all the switches i have seen 
used/suggested.  I have seen such things mentioned here as:

CC='gcc -D__MSVCRT__' /usr/src/configure
CC='gcc -mwin32' /usr/src/configure  /* if you are using gcc- or 
above */
Also the above with a -I option for the includes

I also tried 
/usr/src/configure --host=i686-pc-cygwin 
since it seems like my configure always chooses i586-pc-cygwin and all 
the installed packages seem to be i686-pc-cygwin.  Not sure the 
difference (Mine is a Pentium II Win95 Laptop - Toshiba)

Anyone got any thought for me on this or where I might go to look.  While 
the FAQ does tell you how to download, configure and make the source tree 
it doesn't exactly fill in this kind of detail.

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