Problems remaking setup after cvs update

Brian Keener
Mon Mar 12 09:47:00 GMT 2001

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> I'm not aware of anyone making changes with this, no.

I was thinking that Corinna had been making changes to symbolic links 
(the thread about .lnk files - but maybe I misunderstood the thread), but 
then I got to thinking about that and unless those changes were in some 
of the packages flagged as current in setup it wouldn't affect me 

So now that we've decided I probably misunderstood the thread about links 
and I probably wouldn't ave gotten any changes that dealt with it 
anyways.  Got any idea what might have happened to cause my original post 
and why my ultimate fix corrected it.

I thought afterwards as well I should have tried an 'ln' instead of just 
doing a copy.

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