Outstanding issues with current DLL?

Christopher Faylor cgf@redhat.com
Mon Mar 12 08:28:00 GMT 2001

On Mon, Mar 12, 2001 at 06:20:59PM +0300, Egor Duda wrote:
>Sunday, 11 March, 2001 Christopher Faylor cgf@redhat.com wrote:
>>>CF> Btw, the reason for the --enable-debugging switch is to build a cygwin1.dll
>>>CF> which timestamps all of its shared memory stuff.  This allows two versions
>>>CF> of cygwin to be running on the system at the same time.
>>>do   we   really   need   this?  suppose a some problem  reports about
>>>current  snapshots  we've  seen  here this week can be due  to several
>>>cygwin1.dll's.  at least freezes can be easily explained if we suppose
>>>such  possibility. when process 'exec's some cygwin program which sees
>>>other  cygwin1.dll,  it surely will break in an unpredictable way when
>>>doing fdtab.fixup_after_exec in dll_crt0_1()
>CF> Hopefully the version numbering in the exec header should catch this.
>CF> I'll bump it up, just to make sure.
>ah. i found the thing that confused me. it really suppose to timestamp
>shared  region  name,  but  it seems to me that it doesn't. version.cc
>checks if DEBUGGING is set, but it doesn't include config.h.
>should we

Very strange.  I must be hallucinating.  I *know* that I've had problems
with region conflicts in the past and have solved them by building with

Oh well.  I've checked in a patch to mkvers.sh.


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