Cvs diff --- I don't understand

Brian Keener
Thu Mar 8 20:36:00 GMT 2001

I'm confused - I had been sitting here merrily making my previous changes 
to cinstall (setup.exe)and occasionally connecting to the cvs server and 
doing a cvs diff -p2 to see what was different so I could keep my version 
current.  Nothing but my own changes I had been making would should up.  
Even when Corinna had trouble applying my big patch for and 
asked for a cvs diff -up the only changes that showed up were the ones I 
had made to my version that were on my system.

Well I just did a cvs diff again and only my changes on my system were 
displayed and then for laughs and just to see I did a cvs update and lo 
and behold I got all the changes that I had been seeing being applied by 
reading cvs-patches but yet they had never showed up when I did a cvs 
diff and I thought they used to.  

What have I been doing wrong and how should I control this type thing so 
I keep up with these updates when I am working on a project.


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