copy/paste in win9x (was re: oustanding issues..)

Thu Mar 8 17:15:00 GMT 2001

(missent, sorry)

> > >On a side note, has anyone noticed pasting into a cygwin console window
> > >win98 doesn't appear to work anymore? Did this used to work, or am I
> > >hallucinating after working on my band's promo CD all night/morning?
> >
> > Copying and pasting on 9x with has always meant using the menu
> > commands or toolbar buttons AFAIK.  Still, my experience and knowledge of
> > 9x is limited (by choice!;-))  Are you saying you cannot use's
> > limited capabilities to produce the desired results?  I'm quite sure this
> > has worked in the past.
> Your analysis is correct. I can't copy->paste from windows->cygwin, or
> cygwin->cygwin on win98. This  is using the 1.1.8-2 package.

Test case is:
1. run inside win98
2. cd \cygwin\bin
3. strace -f -ocyg.out bash
4. copy some text in notepad or elsewhere
5. in the (now) bash window, click the 'paste' button, or
6. if bash window locks up, open another command prompt
7. cd\cygwin\bin, use ps to find the hung bash's PID
8. try 'kill'ing the hung bash's PID
9. if that doesn't kill it, try 'kill -9'

1.1.8: appears to do nothing. strace log attached.
1.1.7: same behaviour as 1.1.8
1.1.6: locks up(!) most of the time. strace log attached. tried to kill,
didn't work; kill -9 did kill it. Once it died, text I was trying to paste
dumped into the (now) DOS prompt.

I can try older DLLs if anyone can point me to an ftp site.

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