Outstanding issues with current DLL?

Egor Duda deo@logos-m.ru
Thu Mar 8 07:33:00 GMT 2001


Thursday, 08 March, 2001 Earnie Boyd earnie_boyd@yahoo.com wrote:

EB> Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> On Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 10:46:20AM +0900, Kazuhiro Fujieda wrote:
>> >>>> On Wed, 7 Mar 2001 20:08:48 -0500
>> >>>> Christopher Faylor <cgf@redhat.com> said:
>> >
>> >> Any gotchas that anyone is aware of?
>> >
>> >The current snapshot is considerably buggy!  I can't explain
>> >these bugs immediately because of my poor ability in English.
>> >
>> >Those around me always complain the release version of Cygwin
>> >DLL is updated too often, buggy and unstable. Please consider
>> >more careful release management.

i think separating 'stable' and 'development' branches can help a bit.
i  don't  know  about  Chris  and  Corinna and others, but speaking of
myself,  i  almost  always  can  say, whether my patch is a bugfix and
should  go  to the stable branch or feature addition, and should go to
the  development  one.  i understand that maintaining two branches and
merging  changes  is  extra pain, and that fixing some bug may require
some  major rewrite of signal or tty handling code, but, nevertheless,
i'd like to see

EB> Chris, you need a two month vacation without your laptop.  You ask for
EB> any known problems, someone reports one and then you become enraged.  I
EB> was about to report one as well and haven't mentioned it before because
EB> I've not had the time as yet to track it down.  It is a random problem
EB> where when starting bash through rxvt the process hangs.  The windows
EB> Task Manager reports the process is Not Responding.  I can only guess
EB> that there is a race condition between parent and child processes.  I
EB> start rxvt via a shortcut to a batch file that I've attached, in case it
EB> is important in how it is started.

EB> I agree with Kazuhiro, it isn't ready to release.

and i don't think it will ever be, if we won't be able to assist Chris
and  Corinna  by either providing some solutions to the problems we've
encountered, or helping them in _reproducing_ the problem.

speaking of this rxvt-and-bash-freeze problem, yeah, i know that races
are sometimes terribly difficult to reproduce. But you _can_ help. Try
to  attach to the frozen process with gdb, send a stack traces for all
threads  along  with  with  your  bug  report.  this can shed at least
_some_ light.

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