Subject: [patch] Setup.exe selection enhancement based on file existence

Brian Keener
Mon Mar 5 13:41:00 GMT 2001

Chris & Corinna

Sorry to bother both of you by name but I felt this really should be seen 
by you and I really wasn't sure if this belonged on the cygwin developer 
mailing list but I wanted to follow up on this and I was curious.  I saw 
where the patch I posted for Setup.exe that dealt with the progress 

Subject: [patch] setup.exe enhancement for total and diskfull 
download progress meters

got applied by Corinna.  But then I also noticed that the one I sent in 
prior to the above for the package selection:

Subject: [patch] Setup.exe selection enhancement based on file 

has not been applied as yet.  I know that one was sent back by DJ for 
code diff changes and then also Chris you sent it back for ChangeLog 
changes and I wanted to make sure you had gotten my most recent attempt 
in response to your request.  

Again sorry to bother you on this but I was curious since a later change 
got applied first?  Also I noticed Corinna supplied diffs for the cvs 
repository and so I did a cvs diff last night and those changes still 
show up as different - when do the changes actually hit the repository?


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