Some "interesting" changes checked in

Christopher Faylor
Sun Mar 4 22:40:00 GMT 2001

I've checked in some changes that may destabilize things for a while
until the bugs have been wrung out.

1) Changed CTRL-Z handling so that tty handler recognizes when a signal
   has been sent and exits appropriately.

2) Cleaned up extension scanning in symlink_info::check.  I've been slowly
   cleaning up this routine and Corinna's addition of .lnk scanning prompted
   me to work on this a little more.

3) Eliminated the ReadFile (this topic was all the rage in the cygwin mailing
   list a while ago) unless the program using cygwin needs to check for the
   executable bit.  This requires a recompilation to operate correctly.

The one that is probably most iffy is 2.  I really redesigned things and
everything seemed to work the first time.  That's usually a symptom that
I got something horribly wrong somewhere and I just don't remember one
of the parameters to the problem.  It does seem to scan .exe extensions
correctly and correctly default to finding .lnk when appropriate,


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