Problems with autoconf-2.52 testsuite using current CVS Cygwin

Charles Wilson
Mon Jul 30 11:08:00 GMT 2001

Charles Wilson wrote:

> Anyway, after I finish cleaning up ACL's, I'll try the autoconf tests 
> again -- maybe I too will then enjoy the VFORK bug...  :-P

Okay, using a cygwin dll compiled from CVS last night, the mktemp from, and running the autoconf tests after fixing all the ACL's 
in sight, I can report:

a) 151 tests passed
b) 4 tests skipped
c) LOTS of empty, unremoved tmp directories in /tmp

I *think* this means I'm now reproducing what everybody else is seeing; 
vfork "bug" and all.  (However, since the directories are not being 
removed, YET I pass all the tests -- I guess courtesan's mktemp 
implementation is clever enough to always generate unique filenames so 
that collision with previously-created-but-not-removed dirnames does not 
cause a test failure).


P.S. Do we need a tool that can

remove the "propagate perms to children" (or "inherit perms from 
parent") property from directories?

remove "extra" ace's from files and dirs -- whatever they happen to be, 
leaving only user:: group:: other:: mask:: (and possibly default:: 
versions of the above, for directories).  That is, remove any user:xxx: 
and group:xxx: specific ACE's?

or can setfacl be used more cleverly than I have been using it(*), to 
automatically do the preceeding?  ((*) I've been explicitly removing the 
"extra" ACE's for user:500: and group:544: since I *know* those are the 
only extra ACE's in my build tree.  I have not been explicitly adding an 
"extra" ACE for group:18: (SYSTEM) which is automatically added for new 
directories under the CVS-cygwin.)

I fear this problem may hit more folks than just me, when 1.3.3 is 
released and Corinna's change from 7/9/2001 takes effect.  Her change 
will prevent *future* problems, but as I demonstrated, can cause 
problems under dirs created using earlier kernels...

OTOH, it only affects W2K/NTFS users...

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